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About Us

Our Mission:

To share with our customers sustainable technologies which will empower them to achieve more, better with less.

Our Direction:

Businesses to-day are threatened by multiple challenges including:

  1. Sluggish demand due to Eurozone debt crisis, declining economic growth and rising unemployment in Europe, U.S., Japan and BRICS economies
  2. Heightening global competition
  3. Escalating costs
  4. Increasing environmental regulations and rising CSR expectations.

According to the IMF the current global economic conditions are not expected to improve significantly anytime soon as governments continue to grapple with sovereign debts and daunting problems in the international banking community. As a result, both SMEs and MNCs regardless of sectors, are compelled to the following in order to survive:

  1. Cut costs
  2. Raise productivity
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim/remanufacture
  4. Improve quality and reliability

In response to this economic threat of unprecedented scale, we are offering customers a selection of sustainable solutions which meet all these objectives with immediate results. These comprise:

  • Intercept Technology – chemical-free corrosion control packaging solutions
  • PreKote biodegradable chromate-free surface pretreatment
  • MetLube 315 biodegradable oil-free metalworking fluid
  • Evans life-long waterless engine coolants

Established in Singapore since 1980, Tec-Hub has been on the frontier of providing high-tech industrial solutions to manufacturing and high-tec packaging companies. We offer products and solutions ranging from cleanroom, corrosion control to metalworking fluids. Our products are aimed at providing companies and manufacturers with solutions that are cost effective and responsible to the environment.