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PreKote Surface Pretreatment - 5 Gallon

  • Prekote Surface Pretreatment 5 Gallon
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Product Description

PreKote® Surface Pretreatment

A proprietary and revolutionary formula, PreKote® Surface Pretreatment is a non-chromated metal preparation chemical utilizing a safe, hazard-free process. PreKote® offers off-the-chart adhesion, improved paint flexibility and superior corrosion protection on painted surfaces.

PreKote® Surface Pretreatment has passed stringent testing by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Boeing Company and other coating industry leaders. By eliminating the need for chromate conversion coatings, acid etches, solvent washes and other toxic processes; PreKote® Surface Pretreatment can reduce paint preparation time and costs by up to 40 percent achieving results superior to hazardous processes and products.

PreKote® Surface Pretreatment has applications across a wide range of industries including commercial aviation, general aviation, military, industrial manufacturing and marine. PreKote® Surface Pretreatment can be used on a wide range of surfaces including aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, steel and composite materials. Consistent, high performance results are achieved with a variety of paints, primers, dry film lubricants and other coatings.

PreKote® Benefits

• Easy and safe process
• Quantified superior results
• Immediate cost reductions
• Reduces hazardous waste
• Decreases material, labor and hazardous handling costs
• Results in a high-performing surface finish
• No short or long term health risks
PreKote® cleans the surface to be painted while enhancing the adhesion of coatings and improves corrosion protection - all with a superior, non-hazardous
and safe technology. This easy-to-apply process deposits a molecular layer that bonds to the surface of metal or composite material. This layer allows the
coating, when applied, to get closer to the substrate surface than traditional pre-treatments creating a stronger bond with the surface.

PreKote® also provides a polar/non-polar molecule that attaches itself to permanently imbedded contamination; this molecule attracts the coating. In contrast, traditional conversion coatings containing heavy metals such as chrome or zinc have no mechanism by which to attach themselves to permanently imbedded contamination. Since the coating cannot attach itself to those areas, it is a common cause of coating blisters, outgassing (pinholes), skips, etc.

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